Christian Wallpapers and Bible Quotes

Beautiful, watermarked Christian Wallpapers combine original works of art with Scripture from the Holy Bible, created individually to encourage and inspire you. We hope that our Christian Wallpapers inspire you to a greater active faith and a deeply felt understanding of how loved you are, how special you are!

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Download Christian Wallpapers I.

Inspiring wallpapers with beautiful scenery and graphics featuring Scripture from approximately twenty different books of the Bible in NIV, NLT, ESV and NASB.

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God Speaks Wallpapers

Download God Speaks Wallpapers.

If God was right there with you, this is what He might say. Wallpapers that contain whispers of love and tenderness from a Father to His children set to beautiful graphic backgrounds.

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Christian Quote Wallpapers I

Download Christian Quote Wallpapers I.

Wallpapers with Christian quotes by many of the leaders in our faith, including: Billy Graham, Max Lucado, Mother Theresa, St. Augustine, John Calvin and many others.

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Hold on to the Promises

Download Wallpapers that help you hold on to the promises.

A very special collection of Bible verses containing promises from our Covenant God. This app contains Scripture treasures! Be prepared to be encouraged and uplifted!

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A Christian's Heart Wallpapers

Download Christian Confessions Wallpapers.

During your highest moments of faith this is what you might say to God. Wallpapers that offer praise, laments, pleas and thanks... each wallpaper will strengthen and celebrate your deepest faith and remind you who you are, a beloved child of God!

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Faith Wallpapers

Download Faith Wallpapers.

Scripture is so beautiful. This app features a collection of Bible verses from many books of the Bible and inspiring words that capture our passion and enliven our faith.

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Cross Wallpapers I

Download Cross Wallpapers I.

Text-free wallpapers in different colors, textures, images and styles. Choose the wallpaper that best celebrates your individual style!

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God's Love For Us Wallpapers

Download God's Love Wallpapers.

Like a great big hug, this app will remind you how much God loves you, treasures you. Understand how special you are and be reminded anytime with just a couple of taps!

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Wallpapers for Animal Lovers

Download Wallpapers for Animal Lovers.

If you love animals and enjoy images of God's creation, this app is for you! Scripture in these wallpapers will speak to your heart in a way you've never experienced before. Be prepared to smile!

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Bible Quote Wallpapers

Download Bible Quote Wallpapers.

Encouraging and exciting Scripture from almost twenty different books of the Bible. Bible verses to uplift, inspire and encourage you! Some verses are favorites, others you may have never read before, all of them beautiful.

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Don't know which one to start with? May we suggest "God's Love For Us", which is a tender embrace for your heart from God directly from His word. It's our favorite! And if you like animals, you must check out our "Animal Lovers" app which features a charming combination of God's creatures and Scripture! Another favorite is "Hold On to The Promises" which reminds us of God's promises to us. We also offer several text-free Cross Wallpapers.

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